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This policy only applies to Taiwan Area. In other countries, please contact the local dealer or agent where the product was purchased.
ANACOMDA (MINPO CORPORATION) warrants to customers that products are free from defects in material and workmanship for a specific length of time from date of purchase.
Warranty periods vary by product and defined at the bottom of this document. If the product proves defective during the warranty period, MINPO will, at its option, either repair or replace any part of its products that prove defective by reason of improper workmanship or materials. Under normal circumstance without components shortage, we will return the product in 7 working days.

This warranty does not cover any damage to the product that results from improper installation, accident, natural calamity or any improper usage :
This warranty does not cover any damage to the product that results from abuse, misuse, any unauthorized disassembly, repair or modification and problems of electrical power.
Damage, missing or alteration of warranty label or authenticity stickers will void this warranty.
Damage, opening or tempering with the product casing will void this warranty.。
Purchased from an unauthorized reseller or retailer.

MINPO is not responsible for product data loss, regardless of cause.  MINPO is only responsible for product testing and repair, and does not provide rescue or backup services for stored data. It is recommended to backup data before products are sent for repair.
We are also not liable for the products condition, damage, or data loss resulting from the shipping process due to any reason, including poor packaging.
To the greatest extent permitted by the law, MINPO is not liable for infringement, indirect and incidental damages, loss of revenue, business investments and reputation, loss resulting from data loss, and damages or malfunctions caused by using other equipment with our products that arise from using MINPO products.
To the greatest extent permitted by the laws, MINPO is not liable for any personal injuries, death, and damages that arise from using the product with equipment that may cause personal injury or death if the product is defective or malfunctions, including but not limited to medical or medical-related equipment, military or military-related equipment, aircrafts, traffic control equipment, disaster prevention systems, combustion control systems, and nuclear devices.

Warranty terms described above are the sole and entire agreement between you and MINPO, and supersedes any other oral or written agreements. Except for the warranties stated herein, the above warranty terms does not offer any warranty for the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose for the products, whether explicit or implied.
If the maximum warranty duration is limited by the laws of specific countries or regions, MINPO will provide technical support and warranty services for the customers to the greatest extent permitted.
For countries or regions whose laws do not permit the exclusion of implied warranties, MINPO is only liable for implied warranty within the expressed warranty period.

Solid-State Drives: All solid-state drive products have a 3-year warranty.
Portable Hard Drives: All portable hard drive products have a 3-year warranty.
USB Flash Drives: All USB flash drive products have a lifetime warranty.
Memory Modules: All memory modules products have a lifetime warranty.
Note : Warranties cover only damages that occur on its own and is caused by non-human factors. Warranty services are honored from the date of original purchase, and provided during the warranty period.
Lifetime Warranty means that repair services will be provided for damages to the products that occur on its own within the lifetime of the products.。

If the product malfunctions, there are several ways to return the product for repair :
Taiwan Area :
(Other Countries: Please contact the local dealer or agent where the product was purchased for RMA service.)
1.Online RMA requests are recommended. After completing the online application for repair, an agent will contact you and arrange to pick-up the product for repair.
2.Repair or return/exchange can be done at the dealer where the product was purchased.
3.You can also contact our customer service center for comprehensive information on repair services.
4.Stop by our service locations to request repair services。
Free repair services are provided for the products under warranty.
Customers apply for RMA should provide proof of purchase of the product. If you have lost the proof of purchase, the warranty period will be determined on the basis of the manufacture date of the product. Warranty is not valid if ANACOMDA anti-counterfeit sticker or warranty sticker are removed.
Warranty duration for new products, non-defective products, or replacements with similar functions starts from the date of purchase for the original malfunctioning product.

Apply online (application form)
Dear customers :
If you experience any problems with ANACOMDA products, and repair is necessary, please fill out the repair request application form below. After completing the online application, an agent will contact you and arrange to pick-up the product for repair.
(Taiwan Area only, other countries please contact the dealer where the product was purchased)
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