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Minpo provides client high quality and high performancestorage solutions.

Minpo was established in 1994. Dedicated to producing storage related products including memory modules, Solid state drivesand USB flash drives. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, we have also established offices in major cities including ShenZhen and Las Vegas. Our factory is also located in Taipei,Taiwan. From product design、component testing to quality control are all responsible by our own team of Taiwan.

The success of our company and the competitiveness of our products are based on professional staff, win-win approach with our clients and efficient communication with our supplier.

profession SSD OEM manufacture factory


Professional Solid State Drive oem
Items :
1. Solid State Drive
2. Usb Flash Drive
3. DDR Module
SSD OEM company
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Phone : +886-2-22228256   /   /   B2B
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