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Portable flash drive
This flash drive is designed specifically for yourANDROIDsystem, perfect for Android smartphones or tablets
Enjoy higher capacity and a marvelously speedy file-transfer rate.
	For the Android System
Rotatable Design
This device can be rotated 360 degrees-just turn and use,
it's as simple as that !
It's lightweight and can be carried everywhere. Equipped with a clip, you can
hang it from chains and turn your flash drive into a fashion statement !
The ANACOMDA G001 portable flash drive
Allows you to expand the capacity of your mobile device anywhere, any time.
容量有16GB至128GB等不同規格供選擇 Whether it's pictures from your trip abroad, downloaded video files, or files transferred between devices, this flash drive lets you read and share them effortlessly. Try the G001 portable flash drive now—it is life-changing convenience in a tiny device!
OTG Portable flash drive
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